The Truman Show

Truman (played by Jim Carrey) is unaware that he is living on a giant television set and his every action is being broadcast to the world. Every person in his life is an actor or actress, every scene a prop, every discussion a scripted set-up to see how he will respond. As Truman begins to realize that there is something wrong with his world he seeks to discover whether or not there is a world beyond the one in which he is trapped. Another key character is the producer of the Truman show (played by Ed Harris) who manipulates Truman’s surroundings to make him think it is reality - when in fact it is all a grand deception. To find an episode of Kurt Bruner's podcast about this film go HERE


In this film, the main character (played by Jodi Foster) is a scientist on a quest to find intelligent life beyond earth. Once contact is made, the people of earth create a machine which allows her to travel across the galaxies and communicate directly with alien beings. There is a scene in the film while the main character is traveling through space and becomes overwhelmed with the beauty and majesty of space - to the point that she can’t even speak. Zero in on this scene and ask the following discussion questions...