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Dead Poets Society

Mr. Keating (played by Robin Williams) is a wonderful teacher who uses unconventional methods to awaken his student’s minds to poetry, beauty, and a passion for life. But he does so based upon a view of the world which says that we should pursue life to the full while we are alive because when it’s over, it’s over. His primary theme is “Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!” One young student named Neil fully embraces Mr. Keating’s philosophy, giving him the courage to defy his overbearing father. But doing so ends in tragedy when Neil’s Carpe Diem dream is taken away. Hear Kurt discuss highlights of this film on his podcast by scrolling to the bottom of this post. 


What view of God and eternity does Mr. Keating present? (See "A" below)

What is the problem with this view? (See "B" below)

What book of the Bible speaks to the same issue? (See "C" below)

Deep down, do you think Neil’s father loved his son? (See "D" below)

Why did Neil take his own life? (See "E" below)

Do most people achieve their Carpe Diem dreams in this life? (See "F" below)


A) The view that there is no God or life after death.

B) In truth, it is God who gives purpose/meaning in and beyond this life.

C) In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon describes life “under the sun” (which means “apart from God”) as meaningless.

D) Yes, but he was an imperfect and overbearing man.

E) He had embraced a philosophy that says there was no meaning to life unless we are able to do what we want – so he lost hope.

F) No, but they still have meaning and a God-given purpose in life.



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